about us

about us

With the reg ard to all dear artisans and producers and job creators and who choose this collection and pur chase from this collection products and helpus to improve this collection.

This collection has started to produce and make plastic and metal pieces since 1997. And in short period of time has progressed in order to make rotatable and light, fined casters.

This collection with god's succor and staff perseverance and effort could spend its whole time to focuson producing rotatable fixed casters and increase its production.

The production of this collection is consist of  foil casters in 2/5 – 3/5 – 7/5 – 10 sizes which are rotatable and fixed and different kinds of Teflon casters 10 – 13 – 16 – 20 .


This collection honors to cooperate whith bonyad organization , police force , army , automible factories and chines makers , pegah company , oil company and other companies.